Dimitri Fagbohoun was born in July 1972 in Cotonou (Benin) to a Beninese father and a Ukrainian mother.

The themes and questions he addresses are a reflection of his journey and his history, straddling geographical and artistic borders. His work is thus inseparable from his plural identity.

Protean by the heterogeneous forms he produces through drawings, sculptures, videos, installations, his work expresses a relationship both to history and to identities in which his writing disturbs the models that constitute them.

Since 2014, he has been questioning classical (African) art works that have influenced Western art or thought.

In 2017, for the project: « recollection », he received the Smithsonian Fellowship Award from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington D.C.


Selected Collections             

Jean Claude Gandur Collection, Genève, Switzerland

Axelle Milroud Collection, Brussels, Belgium

Ayelet Elstein Collection, London, UK

Jean Marc Decrop Collection, Hong Kong, China

Safia Dickersbach Collection, Berlin, Germany

Fabienne Levy Collection, Pully, Switzerland

Didier Claès Collection, Brussels, Belgium

Ellen Taubman Collection, New York, USA

Rosario Bifulco Collection, Milano, Italy

Roberto SPADA Collection, Milano, Italy

Imago Mundi Collection, Trevise, Italy

Céline Melon Collection,(Artylamo), Lyon, France

Soglo Collection, Cotonou, Benin


Private collections : Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland



Sindika Dokolo Foundation, Luanda, Angola

Francès Foundation, Compiègne, France

Moleskine Foundation, Milano, Italy

Benetton Foundation, Trevise, Italy



Dimitri Fagbohoun is represented by:

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, Paris

Galeria Officine dell’Immagine, Milan

Galerie Félix Frachon, Brussels