The journey of Erzulie by Dimitri Fagbohoun

Born in Benin in 1972, raised in Cameroon and resident in Paris for over twenty years, Dimitri Fagbohounprojects his composite transcultural identity into art. Switching between sculpture, video and installation, he is in search of a grammatical ec- lecticism that enhances themes such as memory, politics, religion and the poetic dimension of existence. In a visionary narrative that plays on the balance between visible and non-visible, the artist confronts human vulnerability by exploring pro- cesses of creation and destruction. In this visceral crossing, the magic of mem- ory and the deconstruction of reality allow us to achieve an unprecedented and therefore absolutely human perceptual dimension.

The journey of Erzulie

Exhibition Catalogue
Auteurs ; Silvia Cirelli, Charlotte Lidon
Langues : Italien, Anglais
ISBN: 978-88-6057-455-8
16,5×24 cm
64 Pages